John Perry, Guide and Outfitter

John Perry started as a fly fishing guide in Montana in the early 80's when he was a forestry student at the University of Montana. After several summers of guiding he knew this is what he was born to do. Over the years he learned as much as possible about fishing and entomology. In the early 90's he started gathering a very talented group of young guides who continue to work with him to this day.

The main attributes John looked for in choosing guides for his business were integrity, passion and knowledge.  When you choose to fish with one of the guides at John Perry Fly Fishing, you can rest assured that you are going to enjoy the benefit of thousands of days on the water.  John Perry Fly Fishing guides love to teach the art of fly fishing to people of all skill levels. All of the guides fish and hunt in Montana year-round.

You know you have the best fly fishing and wilderness guides when you fish with John Perry Fly Fishing.

John also studies insects to help aid in coming up with unique fly patterns that are equally effective.  Over the years John has created several internationally-known flies that work on waters all over the world. You can purchase these flies by contacting John at (406) 370-9183.

A black and white photo of John Perry smoking a pipe.